1. Arrange for financial institution to receive owner assessment with four options of payment methods to suit each owners preference.  The payment options are listed below:

    1. Direct Debit of the authorized bank account on the 6th day of each month, is free to both the Association and each Homeowner. 

    2. Payment Coupons is at a cost to ther Association of approximately $15 for each owner using this method.  The cost of this method is passed on to each owner who chooses the coupon system.

    3. Electronic Payment is at no cost to unit owners.

    4. Credit Card at a fee of $9.95 which is charged by the financial institution. 

  2. Collect delinquent assessments through District Justice level and work with the Association Attorney thereafter to secure funds owed and cost of collection.

  3. Pay Association bills weekly with proper approval and authorization.

  4. Maintain all financial records.

  5. Submit monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors.

  6. Arrange for preparation and distribution of resale packets.

  7. Develop the budget and work with the Board of Directors to finalize it.  Once finalized the budget is distributed to all owners.

  8. Send year end reports to all owners.

  9. Secure Fidelity Bond for the Association Board members and Management Staff.

  10. Cooperate with year end auditors.

  11. Invest temporary excess funds in institutes as selected by the Board of Directors.